Running for your Health

Running is one of the best ways to lose weight, improve your fitness and take care of your health. It relieves stress, gets your heart rate up and importantly, is one of the most efficient ways to burn calories. Whether it’s inside on a treadmill, outside around the block or long distance, running can be a huge benefit to your well-being and now many runners are seeing the benefits gaining from joining the ‘barefoot running’ movement.

How can barefoot running help me?

A lot of debate has raged about the effect of modern running shoes and what went on before they were widely used.

Everybody has seen adverts for or looked in stores at the latest and greatest running shoe technology. Flexible soles and impact absorbing construction seem to be very important if you’re after the best, and it would seem that you also need one that conforms to your exact foot shape. Did you ever wonder how we got around without them though?

It’s all in how you land

While you might not actually want to head out on the street with nothing covering your feet, barefoot running and running with minimalistic footwear can actually teach you a more effective and desirable stride.

Modern running shoes try to correct and work around imperfections in any movement that we have by providing support where it shouldn’t exist. If you’re just getting into running or you’re concerned about your technique, ask yourself what part of your foot is striking the ground. The heel is the most common answer, and that’s exactly the habit that most modern running shoes have been supporting for all these years.

Can improper technique lead to injury?

Landing on your heels doesn’t aid your speed or movement and actually results in a jarring shock that puts stress on your body. Every time your heel strikes the ground it acts as a sort of ‘braking force’ – pushing against your momentum and slowing you at the same time. You might even find that this kind of running strike results in physical pain or injury.

What Are the benefits of barefoot running?

A forefoot or mid–foot strike actually propels you forward and supports your momentum. The front of your feet are far better suited to absorbing shock. Barefoot running and the use of flatter shoes can help you to correct your form and improve your technique.

Some people take barefoot running to the extreme as they enjoy it so much. There are websites and clubs all over the world dedicated to the minimalist running movement, but you don’t need to join one to enjoy the benefits. Fitness is an incredibly important part of life and something we believe in supporting fully through our unique Velca Method. If you want to start practicing running in bare feet or in minimalist shoes, talk to us at Velca about the best way to start. We can put you on the right track and help you improve your form to prevent injury and make running an even better experience.

Correct – Relax – Strengthen

At Velca, we approach pain with a three-step method that aims to correct, relax and strengthen the body – supporting good health and providing permanent solutions rather than temporary fixes. Through a mix of chiropractic and massage therapies alongside a strong focus on strength and fitness training, you’ll find that the Velca Method is by far the most effective to ease suffering and inspire healthy living.

Chiropractic – Through chiropractic care, we aim to correct spinal dysfunction, bad posture and habits that lead to pain. The chiropractic services we offer are the first step to identifying problems, alleviating suffering and breaking free from pain.

Massage Therapy – Helping you to relax, loosen the muscles and find relief, massage therapy is our second step that improves circulation and works pain out of the body. Relaxing is a key part of eliminating pain while it paves the way to improve your overall health and well being.

Personal strength and fitness training – Fortifying the body through personal fitness and better health, our fitness programs are tailored to you to help strengthen the body and prevent pain from returning. We want to enable you to break free from pain to live a healthier, more enjoyable life.

Visit the Velca Health Centre in Howick for a holistic approach to your well being. We don’t just offer chiropractic or massage services, we work to better your life in every aspect by improving your health and preventing pain from returning. Break free from pain – contact us today to find relief through massage therapy, chiropractic care and a positive focus on fitness and health.

Jesse Cleave