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Best Chiropractic Pillow in Auckland

We’ve all experienced a poor night’s sleep at some point – it can leave you frustrated, short tempered and unprepared to handle the day ahead. Whether it’s because of pain caused by an improper sleeping position or simply that you didn’t get enough, a poor night’s sleep can have a very real and negative impact on your waking life. For some, a poor night’s sleep is a regular occurrence. If you find that you awake with a sore back, stiff neck or other aches and pains, you might need to look to improve your bedding, particularly your pillow, and sleeping position to find relief from the pain.

Bad sleeping positions and poor neck support can make any time spent in bed an awful experience. As we discuss on our How to Sleep Better page, if you aren’t sleeping on your back or your side, it’s likely that your body and neck are twisted, bent or under a lot of stress for up to 8 hours every night. Changing your sleeping position isn’t always easy, and sometimes the problem can be bedding that doesn’t provide your body with the support it needs. Some people look to chiropractic pillows like the Peace Pillow that we have available at our Health Centre in Howick, Auckland to help get a better night’s sleep and free them from pain during the day.

What is the Peace Pillow?

The Peace Pillow is a chiropractic memory foam pillow that helps to ensure the best back and neck alignment, preventing pain and facilitating a healthier night’s sleep. Whether you’re having trouble adjusting to a correct sleeping position or you’re just looking to get the most out of your time spent in bed, a Peace Pillow can be incredibly beneficial.

How does it work?

The Peace Pillow was designed specifically to conform to the shape of your neck and head, providing better support during sleep. Memory foam compresses and reforms around YOU – so instead of having to find a ‘comfortable spot’ whenever you get under the blankets, your pillow creates one for you every time.

Because of this, your neck, spine and back get the support that it needs throughout the night. There’s less twisting, stress and uncomfortable positioning and the Peace Pillow makes it much easier to switch from sleeping on your stomach to your back or side.

Whether through chiropractic care, massage therapy or a focus on personal training and wellbeing, ensuring you are free from pain in all aspects of your life is all part of our unique Velca Method. If you find yourself constantly adjusting your pillow at night, you wake up with aches and pains or sleep just doesn’t seem to be enough, a Peace Pillow can help you enjoy a better night’s sleep and relieve neck pain and back pain during the day.

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