"Pearl gives me the use of my body back"

I started physical therapy after a very bad accident on a horse where I had broken both sides of my pelvis, my hip, my shoulder blade in three places, and cracked my neck. I was advised by a doctor I would have no use of my right arm and would never walk properly again...

A chance meeting saw me begin therapy with a woman who told me she would indeed be able to help me - and she did. However, she moved away and I was left to search for a new and experienced therapist. I had heard of Velca in the local paper - and seen advertising as I live local. I made a booking and was put in with Pearl. I should also say that when I started I had gained a lot of weight after my accident, due to being so immobile. I started my weight loss journey at 228 kilos... and today I am 88 kilos.

Pearl is a total expert and has given me use of my arm back. My back and neck are a work in progress - but they are considerably better than they have been. Friday is my favourite day - because Pearl gives me use of my body back! I'm improving in physical, mental and emotional health due to her expertise.

I see Pearl weekly and this aids to my weight loss, physical mobility and overall feeling of wellness. She is genuinely gifted in healing.

My future goal is to hit my goal weight and return to horse riding.

- A.R