Getting Through the Party Season

The Party season is nearly here and while we are all eager to let our hair down and have some fun after a year of hard work, we need to ensure we don’t overdo it (although this doesn’t count for Christmas day of course)!

I believe in enjoying yourself over the holidays but still being aware to eat clean as much as you can so you have that ‘buffer’ for your New Year’s resolution. We should all have learnt by now that being healthy is not about dieting every time you’ve put on a bit of weight, it is more about creating a lifestyle that is maintainable all year round.

Here are some handy tips to get you through the party season, and save you from a bit of extra work for when the New Year comes.

Ensure you are well hydrated, and flushing out those nasty toxins from alcohol and bad food. Depending on exercise, your climate or how much alcohol you are drinking, you should be having at least 2-3 Litres of water per day. Drinking water also aids in weight loss!

If you must drink alcohol ensure that it’s not in excess. Also choose lower calorie beverages such as Vodka or Gin, soda & fresh lime or if you’re drinking wine, fill half the glass with water and the other half with wine. This will reduce the hangover effects in the morning as well as keep you hydrated!

Ensure you are eating good quality protein, fresh seasonal fruit and veggies to ensure you are getting the essential vitamins and minerals that will promote liver detoxification and aid in fat loss. Lean sources of protein (Beef, turkey, fish, eggs, nuts,) as well as greens (spinach, kale, bok-choy, broccoli, watercress) and tropical fruits (watermelon, papaya, strawberries, rock melon, pineapple) are all essential for the summer time and to keep you feeling light and healthy!

Exercise! Get out in nature and soak up some Vitamin D! Obviously don’t expose yourself to the harsh sun for too long, but get out and get physical with the family for at least 30 minutes per day. Exercise is great for the cardiovascular system but also great for the mind and release of toxins from the lymphatic system.

Include a green smoothie every day! Green veggies actually aid in alkalising the body as well as promote liver detoxification! This will be great to try over the holiday season to help reduce acid reflux and counteract the celebratory eating.

Try out this yummy, green alkalising smoothie (see below)

Green Alkalising Smoothie Recipe:

1 ripe banana (preferably frozen)

1 stalk kale (stem removed) or handful baby spinach

1 Lebanese cucumber

1 celery stalk

filtered water or coconut water to cover ingredients

Blend all in a blend and drink!

There you have it, my simple tips to get you through this party season! I wish you all a very safe, happy and healthy Christmas.

Jesse Cleave