Weight Loss

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What is the Secret to Losing Weight?

People are always looking for the secret, ‘quick-fix’ way to lose weight. With the market flooded with pills and miracle diet plans, you could throw thousands of dollars away looking for an easy answer to reducing body fat.

The truth is that there is no easy or quick way to lose weight. Weight loss requires some hard work, an exercise routine and dedication if you truly want to see lasting results. Even if you could drop weight with a magic pill, keeping it off often requires a change in lifestyle and a strong focus on self-improvement that no drug offers.

Unfortunately, some people are going to be more prone to gaining weight than others too. Different body types and different metabolisms play a huge role in how each individual gains and loses fat – if you are prone to gaining weight quickly then you need to pay extra attention to your diet and your level of fitness.

How Can Velca Help Me Lose Weight?

We believe in a holistic approach to health at Velca – when clients come to us complaining about back pain, neck pain or other injuries, we don’t want to just provide short-term relief through chiropractic and massage therapy; we want to work with you to get healthy and stay healthy!

Obesity can play a huge part in pain and injury. If the body isn’t strong and resilient, symptoms will often continue to reoccur and you will be more prone to additional injuries down the road. Our personal trainers will work with you to devise a positive change in lifestyle through better nutrition and a personal fitness regime that suits you.

Fitness training is a general approach to wellbeing and weight loss, designed to improve the cardiovascular system and get rid of body fat. Fitness training is a key component of any successful weight loss program. Cardio workouts make your body run more efficiently, increase your lifespan and are just the beginning in keeping you active and healthy.

Strength training refers to exercises that increase muscle mass and strengthen the body to be more resilient. A stronger body is more resistant to pain – more muscle means better support for the body and will make injuries a less likely occurrence. What a lot of people don’t realise is that muscle burns more calories than fat too; strength training will tone your body and increase your metabolism, making it easier to keep the weight off.

Why Do I Need a Weight Loss Program?

As well as designing a personalised nutritional and fitness programme, a personal trainer at Velca provides the motivation that you need to achieve your goals. Successful weight loss requires a high level of commitment and focus – it’s our job to get you healthy and keep you healthy by giving you the tools and the desire to keep weight off.

Personal Fitness is a key part of our unique Velca Method. At Velca we aim to correct, relax and strengthen the body through chiropractic, massage therapy and personal fitness. Don’t live with pain and, instead, choose the lifestyle you want to lead by getting healthy and staying healthy at our health centre in Auckland.

Correct – Relax – Strengthen - Maintain

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At Velca, we approach pain with a multi-step method that aims to correct, relax, strengthen and maintain the body – supporting good health and providing permanent solutions rather than temporary fixes. Through a mix of our services, you’ll find that the Velca Method is by far the most effective to ease suffering and inspire healthy living.

Chiropractic – Through chiropractic care, we aim to correct spinal dysfunction, bad posture and habits that lead to pain. The chiropractic services we offer are the first step to identifying problems, alleviating suffering and breaking free from pain.

Massage Therapy – Helping you to relax, loosen the muscles and find relief, massage therapy is our second step that improves circulation and works pain out of the body. Relaxing is a key part of eliminating pain while it paves the way to improve your overall health and well being.

Physiotherapy - Aims to restore function and independence in people who have a condition caused by physical, neurological or cardio-respiratory disorders. Through a combination of massage, exercise and mobilisation, physiotherapy can improve mobility, functional ability, and overall quality of life.

Personal strength and fitness training – Fortifying the body through personal fitness and better health, our fitness programs are tailored to you to help strengthen the body and prevent pain from returning. We want to enable you to break free from pain to live a healthier, more enjoyable life.

Visit the Velca Health Centre in Howick for a holistic approach to your well being. We don’t just offer chiropractic services, we work to better your life in every aspect by improving your health and preventing pain from returning. Break free from pain – call us today to find relief through chiropractic care, massage therapy, physiotherapy, personal training, and a positive focus on fitness and health.


If you are unsure about which of our services is best suited to help you get better, please ask us about our complimentary no charge check ups.