Your Howick Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer David has been involved in various roles within the fitness industry since the beginning of 2014. He started his career and passion with being a CrossFit Coach and Gymnastics trainer and continued to study and gain extra skills along the way.

His passion is in helping people move better and rid themselves of daily body pain. David started his personal training a few years ago with the intention of specialising in Mobility – exercise prescribed specifically for each individual to help them correct imbalances and move more freely.

He is one of our personal trainers that while specialising in mobility and rehab, has the skill set and experience to work with athletes wanting to develop their physical capacity to the fullest as well as everyday people wanting to gain more fitness to help better enjoy everyday life with friends and family.

Education and Qualifications:

Level 3 Fitness Instructing

Level 4 Advanced Personal Training through FitCollege

Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer

Feel free to contact David if you wish to discuss how personal training could help you or your family.